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The barley and the wheat grains are all American grown, harvested & malted:
Some of the brews are then roasted to the perfect temperature to produce the
precise amount of color and flavor.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Stuart Conner Photography
Artist: Theresa Ryan

Big Beaver Belchin’ Ale:

          Our flagship beer, this Belgium style ale is made with light pilsen malt and local Rodenberg Honey; Light in color, light in taste but packing a wallop with an alcohol of 7.5 %: A Dam nice beer.


Stuart Conner Photography
Artist: Theresa Ryan

Rattlesnake IPA:
          An American style IPA loaded with hops from the beginning of the boil to the end of fermentation; the clear unique color and the dry hopped Cascade (some from our own hop farm) make for a wonderful bitter finish to this full bodied beer. This beer has been known to sneak up and bite you if you don’t pay attention to its warning rattle. Alcohol 6.7%

Stuart Conner Photography
Artist: Theresa Ryan

Wolf’s Den Wheat:

          A light colored wheat beer which gets its haze from the large amount of wheat used to give this beer its exceptional taste. You will feel right at home as you add a slice of orange. Suddenly the haze is gone from your mind: as long as you don’t drink too manyLaughing

Stuart Conner Photography

Sand Pike Stout:

        Our darkest beer (but only an alcohol content of 5.6) sings notes  of coffee and chocolate (although there are none of these added: remember it is all in the grains). If you are trawling for a beer to sip try this one We think we caught the taste and its full body totally;

Artist: Theresa Ryan
Stuart Conner Photography

Porque Pine 09 Pale Ale:

          We wanted a beer that was not as hoppy as our IPA but still as full bodied enough to prick your senses. Our lightest in color but certainly not taste, this pale ale is sure to stick in you memory

Artist: Theresa Ryan

(Seasonal)Black Bear Brown Beer: Brown Ale is a smooth light brown ale, with hits of nutty/biscuit tones and a clean head. Very refreshing as the winter is leaving and spring is on its way

Waiting for his Brown Beer

Seasonal Beer!

Gysler'z Guzzlin' Cherry Amber Ale

Made with Flathead cherry, pitted by us!


Neubauer'z Pumpkin Ale

Local Grown pumpkins

Picked baked & brewed in house! 


Kate's Scottish